Scientist Trading Cards

Most kids absolutely love science when it is hands-on and fun. Unfortunately, the problem is that most never have that opportunity. And, most kids can’t name a famous scientist from the past 50 years. Can you name 5 or 10? This year over 65% of all students in the United States in grades 4, 8 and 10 will fail science. In urban areas the failure rate is about 90%. We have the solution.

For the past 30 years we have brought hands-on science fun to more children than any other source in America. We make things fly, explode and bubble all day long. We are a public charity located just north of Boston and have worked hands-on with over 1.5 million K-8 students, teachers and parents throughout New England and New York. We also have created a worldwide network of Top Secret Science Licensees and to date have worked with over 40 million children.

What we do differently than any other science organization in the country is that kids make and take home most of the experiments which allows them to bring the memory and materials of their exciting science experience to share with their families long term. I have personally worked at over 2,000 schools and as a non-profit it is our mission to help children realize the opportunities and offerings in science while increasing their levels of science knowledge, attitude and skill.

Every day we work with students in grades K-3 and ask them what science means to them and if they can name any scientists besides Albert Einstein. No matter what type of school district they are in very few can answer these questions. America is failing in science education and yet it will provide many of the best future opportunities for our children. Kids need to realize that there are tens of millions of scientists all building, creating and inventing a multitude of products and services that dramatically increase the quality of our lives.

Many kids are very familiar with trading cards especially sports like baseball. Many can name the starting lineups of their favorite teams. Baseball is a great sport but it is only a very small part of a few children’s lives. Wouldn’t it be better to admire and inspire to people that make our lives richer, fuller and better?

Great for Home or School!!

We now present the first edition of scientist trading cards and more editions will follow. Each card is rich in history with colorful cartoons and pictures of each scientist and their specialty. The complete set comes with 250 cards packed with cool information. There are a wide range of scientists in medicine, astronomy, chemistry and physics along with inventors of common every day products that kids can get very excited about. Every edition will offer both famous and not so famous scientists. These are people that kids can become interested in, learn from and want to aspire to. To make this a complete science solution there is also easy access to 50 amazing science experiments on video that kids will get very excited about. The experiments are some of our best and we use a step by step process to ensure fun and success. Plus, these experiments use simple household materials that will get kids involved right away. Finally, there are 10 amazing family games that kids can play both at home and at school like Science Football, Science Concentration, Science Corn Hole, the Science Tower and many others. There is a huge need for this product and this is a fantastic solution using science in many different and unique ways and providing a lifetime of learning.

We pass out more than 5,000 materials to children every week and after 20 years as the leading science teacher in the country I can honestly say that these trading cards will make a bigger impact than any other product, service, book, museum visit or enrichment program available anywhere in getting kids to love science. Kids these days desire hands-on activities and the scientist trading cards will certainly fill that need.

For the first time kids will view science in a whole new way that works for them. They will be able to know that engineers, architects, electricians, and chefs are all scientists. They will be able to follow their dreams and make the country a better place to live. The set retails for $29.95 plus shipping & handling. We look forward to bringing science history and opportunity to everyone. Thank you for your support…